About Us

ADROZ PARAMEDIC RESOURCES was established and registered in 05 July 2013 under the Company Act 1956 with having its main office located in Jalan Meru, Selangor. 

ADROZ PARAMEDIC RESOURCES is Registered with Human Resources Development Fund(HRDF) / Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) Malaysia

The Founder of ADROZ PARAMEDIC RESOURCES is very well trained experience in medical and trauma management, he is competent in Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Management.  

ADROZ PARAMADIC RESOURCES provides medical services, training courses, disinfecting services and occupational health and safety consultancy to all major industries, companies, institutions, schools, hospitals and many other related bodies. 

ADROZ PARAMEDIC RESOURCES is a local business that operates in the Malaysia region and soon would expand internationally.

ADROZ PARAMEDIC RESOURCES is looking forward to educate the society on life saving first respond before the arrival of medical specialist.    

Founder & Lead Trainer


Dr. Adrian Samuel Pereira embraces a PhD from The Royal British University of India and master’s degree from the University Utara Malaysia(UUM) major in Occupational Safety & Health Management. His Profession is an Assistant Medical Officer, awarded and license on 2010. He is a Certified Trainer, which he achieved Train the Trainer(TTT) from Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) / Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) Malaysia. Today, he is the lead trainer at Adroz Paramedic Resources.

Currently, he trains Occupational Safety & Health Specialist in many industries. He also trains Healthcare Staff in emergency response and treatment cases. He has trained more than 5000 students since 2014 from blue collar, white collar, government servants, SME’s, MNC’s, private organizations and other trainers.

His energy to deliver his training is based on his past experiences from Hospital settings, Plantation Settings, Oil & Gas Settings, Management Operations, International Field Settings. He has experience from local to international level organizations in his time of service. With all this credibility and outstanding experiences, he is able to deliver the best training needs to students.